About Us

The Pickering West Shore Community Association (PWSCA) is a volunteer organization made up of West Shore residents and is funded by annual membership dues.

The PWSCA works to foster a sense of community and to promote a happy, safe and healthy living environment. The PWSCA is dedicated to improving the community within the designate boundaries and the City of Pickering through the active participation of PWSCA members in Neighbourhood Projects.

The ongoing efforts of PWSCA are to identify its own projects and seek to coordinate its efforts with its Municipal Councillors and the City of Pickering. It is part of Ward 1 – which is grouped with other wards in Pickering.

PWSCA has been operating for approximately 5 years. The organization previously existed in the form of a ratepayers association before becoming dormant several years prior to 2012. PWSCA is recognized by the City of Pickering as a Community Organization and has partnered with the organization approving several grant applications in support of community events/functions. The Association seeks participation from residents and any other interested parties that wish to be affiliated with the West Shore community.

You can find the Pickering West Shore Community Association Constitution here

CONSTITUTION PWSCA 0.9 Oct. 25, 2022

The Executive Committee meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month from Jan – Nov.

For more information, visit www.pwsca.ca or email: pickering.pwsca@gmail.com

Boundary map:

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